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Game Renamed!

2012-05-07 00:46:41 by sonicmon1

My First NewGrounds Post Brings Sad News

After talking with the creator of My Little Dashie - RobCakeRan53, the name of the game has been changed. This is because people had been complaining about the title and the game not being relevant to the game. Even though I had explained the reasoning behind this, I decided to jump out while I could.

So, the game has been renamed to The Pony Chronicles after a quick poll on Facebook decided.

I can't wait to release more from the beta, but, right now, University is getting in the way a bit.

Please be patient.Thank you for waiting.

Your's Sincerely,



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2013-01-13 18:48:22

Read my Comment on your RD game you had as a Pokemon game please.


2013-01-13 18:59:50

Also your Pokemon with RD game you got is glitched near the end. Can't even fight Luna at all.


2013-01-13 20:53:16

Could you also make it so you can change the difficulty on that MLP pokemon game ya got to this:

Casual:Enemies give 50% EXP and 50% Gold. Enemies half as strong.
Normal:Normal EXP and Gold. Enemies at full Strength.
Hard:200% EXP and 200% Gold. Enemies Twice as Strong.
Very Hard:400% EXP and 400% Gold. Enemies Quadruple as Strong.
Extreme:500% EXP and 500% Gold. Enemies 5x Stronger than normal.
Nightmare:800% EXP and 600% Gold. Enemies have 8x their normal Attack but 6x Defense.
Impossible:1000% EXP and 700% Gold. Enemies have 10x their normal Attack but 7x Defense.
GOD MODE:2000% EXP and 1000% Gold. Enemies have 20x their normal Attack but 10x Defense.
The Unknown:10000% EXP and 5000% Gold. Only Bosses this round and are 100x Stronger in Attack but 50x stronger in Defense.


2013-01-15 23:24:33

Just trust me on this, no one wants to spend about 10 Hours+ in a few days to get to level 40+ on your game to beat the last Boss you know let alone compete for the highest level on the scoreboard... Make it so it doesn't DOUBLE the exp needed to level... Make it add +100 to them and make each 1 level higher enemy give 100 more EXP per each level higher insted.


2013-12-07 18:36:50

Dude your attacks on your game is starting to glitch-out.


2014-02-23 14:38:40

Found a glitch on ur game
I think it's around when i buy 100000000 (somewhere around this it's ever more 0's or less 0's)
- (the minus symbol will show up)
and then i can get around 9000000000$ or more
but i just dont want the game to be 2 easy :P


2014-02-23 14:43:27

another glitch, when you have more than 1001 or 9999 items of any of the 4 items, the minus symbol will show up and then you may never use that item until you reset the game (new game, u know wut i meant) :P


2014-02-23 15:01:01

idk if these where glitches but when battling fluttershy somtimes if she gets to low health it will go up and down and your timing will depend if fluttershy gains health or DIES but the other (maybe a glitch but possibly not) is that when battling the final boss (princess luna) your ap will start at 12 and then go up by the amount of ap that you originally where suppose to get each turn


2014-02-23 15:25:24

This is most likely not a glitch but when battling princess luna she has her own pattern which makes her super easy to beat, try fixing this pattern, If i use defend 2 times (somtimes 1) then she will use her rock attack on you for 3 turns or more and if you have a attack that is at least 107 or more, and have an ap at 16 (with attack rainbowdash) then you can use your best move 4 times and kill her each time the same way, also if ur attack is that high and ur ap you still need more hp or full restores or u already know it :P Just make her harder to beat is possible


2014-02-23 16:06:06

here are some ideas for future update:
*Create more than 1 file-like 3 files- (specifically to try out all 3 types, attacker, defender, and balanced)
*Have some unlock able levels
-like at level 10 you can unlock a level where random ponies come up to battle you but with a level limit like lvl 1-25 or somthing like that
-and the ponies should be able to join your team with rainbow dash for team battles
-every pony that you battle should be able to be re-battled whenever you want so that way if you had a high leveled enemy you can re battle that one a lot of times and get to a higher level fast
*You should be able to get 3 ponies on your team of which you can level up all of them, so even if you find a high level pony in the wild, it may not be the strongest because all the other ponies can also level up and possibly have higher base stats
* Their should be attacks that you can buy in the shop that are not unlocked by that pony by leveling up
-Most of them should use a high ap so that their can be a reason to use the defend option in this game
-the main reason i would suggest this idea is mainly for if derpy comes in the game then he can use a attack that makes her say "who ate meh muffin" and then rages on her enemy
-fluttershy should turn into her power pony form which would make her super strong and mad to attack her enemy with a very powerful attack (should take up a lot of ap) (remeber this is really only if your going to use the team idea for all these extra attacks)
-rainbow dash, sonic rainboom, enough said
-pinkie pie, surprise party attack which makes the enemy pony embarrassed by something and randomly makes that pony take damage
djpon3- BASS CANON
octavia- loud screech with her violin
-and the rest is up to you :)
*Pinkamena should be a level ??? boss but be very strong and be the real final boss
-items that can be equipped to any of the ponies in your team should also be bought in the store, for example (make sure these items can also show in battle and make your pony look better or worse) armor that raises your defense by 10 but lowers your attack 5
*And for my least idea, you should be able to design that white space (which should have your 3 ponies of your team) that you start with before battling or playing the story and all of that stuff, the designs should be bought in the store
=hope you liked these ideas=


2014-02-23 16:07:17

I saw all my errors in spelling but that's because i was in a rush, but it's still understandable


2014-02-24 07:23:29

if you can find sprites of slender pony then you should make him randomly apair to battle you in the forest- UPDATE IDEA :P


2014-02-24 18:43:56

Sorry for Spam posting :P butnthis probably my last and easiest update idea which is to be able to play with rainbow dash and then her morality should go up which can increase critical hit chances
morality should go up to 100 which should be 50% chance of a critical hit, but instead of using decimals
it should just be each 2 points (for morality) = 1% chance for a critical hit, it should go up to 100 (as said before) and it should go down when you lose a battle, the amount that it goes should depend on how much hp you costed your enemy, the more hp you dealt, the less you lose :P if ur gonna do the team idea thing then this is how it should work on each pony


2014-02-24 18:52:12

almost forgot to put this in da last message: if your gonna use the game idea to play with your pony then that should boost you morality by 1-5 and when you battle it should boost your morality 1-5 for winning battles against a pony weaker than your and 1-7 for battles at the same level and 4-25 for battles with ponies at higher levels than yours, that would probably be rare though :P


2014-04-27 13:47:03

Do your best.


2014-06-05 05:25:49

try your hardest and believe you can do it good luck


2014-10-07 22:48:16

Dude. If you've abandoned the game so much GIVE IT TO SOMEONE who will UPDATE IT!